Aerospace has been the foundation of Mincham’s core values and capabilities since 1996.

Foundations of Excellence

Having more than two decades of experience, Mincham is the supplier of choice for advanced structural design, manufacture or repair of components for the aerospace industry. Our commitment to quality is upheld by our array of accreditations to standards such as, AS9100, CASA, EASA and ISO9001.

Aerospace Capabilities

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Through-Life Support

We are committed to the support and development of new and existing platforms through component overhaul, repair and upgrades

Platform Experience

Commercial Airlines
Regional Airlines


General Aviation
Medical Aviation
Customs and Border Security

Aeromedical/Operational Support

With a range of products and services dedicated to the aeromedical and ADF deployment support, Mincham has and continues to be committed to saving the lives of aeromedical patients and combatants through innovative product and rapid response services.

Research and Development

As a recognised pioneer, our people thrive in an environment that continuously challenges technology. The organisation has a strong commitment to the development of advanced autonomous and deployable systems.