The time has come for Mincham to finally move from it’s home of the last twenty-five years…

The 800sqm production area at Parafield-Airport has served us well, and was a sure upgrade from our humble beginnings in Darryl Mincham’s backyard in the 90’s. For the last five years, Mincham has been compressing more capability and capacity into a building that had no potential for expansion or development.
With the company growing year-on-year, we’ve decided to future proof the organisation by undertaking our biggest facility expansion to date, one that will deliver on our proud tradition of being able to service our customer’s future needs! With the larger facility comes exciting new capability and capacity in the form of  new 4&5 Axis CNC machines, 3D printers, huge autoclave, larger painting facilities, a larger engineering design team and an exciting new R&D Facility.

The ‘new’ site at the Edinburgh Defence Precinct in South Australia, started it’s own journey in the 1960’s – Known then as the “blue-streak missile building” where Australia worked in partnership with the British to develop an “Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile” (IRBM) that would go on to be tested at the Woomera Test Range from 1964 onward.


A very early draft of the floor plans.


The original building still stands strong today, and recently has been under-going extensive re-development and expansions to meet the needs of Mincham, it’s customers and our modern Defence contract security requirements. The original facility size is 2000sqm under-roof, with the additions, our under-roof size should be approximately 4000sqm! With a site size of approximately 8500sqm, we have even more space for further development in the future.


To compliment the massive increase in size, Mincham has invested in the procurement of numerous new bits of equipment and facilities.

To name a few of the key investments:

  • Large Composite Autoclave (4m X 8m internal size)
  • Environmentally Controlled CNC Facility
  • 5 – Axis CNC Machine
  • 4 – Axis CNC Machine
  • Spray-Booth
  • Down-Draft Preparation/’Dirty’ Bays x 4
  • 2 X Dedicated Environmentally-Controlled Composite Rooms
  • Dedicated R&D Areas
  • 3D Printers
  • Engineering Equipment/Software
  • Employee luxury and comforts (Such as a Gym and dedicated rest areas)
  • + Much more




We are expecting to have the majority of expansions completed by mid-late September – 2021.

Updates and milestones along the way will be posted on our website and LinkedIn!